My Work

A list of current and forthcoming books by Ing Venning, an outsider, pagan, lgbtq+, mentally ill, feminist, disabled, gifted, vegetarian author


Here is a list of current and ongoing projects (please note that those which are published are under my old author name, Ing Venning, and I will be changing the covers as soon as I can afford to). You can also watch videos of me discussing my work here.

Novels and Novellas

The Chronicles of Dule: This is a series of epic fantasy novels for those who hate capitalism, false dichotomies, and corrupt government. These have been written, and the first has been edited, but none have been published yet.

             1. Plague of Consequences
2. City of Cages
3. The Final Translator

The Wheel of the Year: This is a series of urban/epic/portal fantasy novels featuring a group of teenage pagans who must deal with prejudice, abuse, and warfare in two worlds. The first five have been published under my old nom de plume (I would like to re-publish them once I have the funds), but the last four need a final edit and to be published.

             1. Descent
             2. Midwinter
             3. Shadow Day
             4. Awakening
             5. Quickening
             6. Midsummer
             7. Suns’ Reach
             8. Midharvest
             9. Another Descent

Between Wolf and Man: This is a novella, or maybe short novel, that I have lots of notes for. It’s based on a friend’s TTRPG campaign. Its protagonist is a vampire with some very… unconventional ideas about making the world a better place.

Caer Cumrag: This is a series of five gay erotica novellas which I am currently working on.

             1. Horny Beginnings
2. Lusty Explorations
3. Perverted Developments
4. Deviant Climaxes
5. Sticky Endings

Short Stories

Between Hospitals: This is a short collection of early stories. “An Inheritance” has been published by itself under my old author name, but I would like to publish the entire collection when I’m able.

Sources: This collection is made up mostly of retellings, and it has been published under my old author name. I’d like to re-publish it someday.

Bedrock and Tributaries: These are two more collections of (mostly) retellings that I have lots of ideas for and would like to write if I can establish a career and have the time.


Lexical Numerals: This is a collection of early poems that has been published under my old nom de plume. I would like to re-publish it someday.

Puddles with Wings: This is a collection that has been written and edited, but which has not yet been published.

Lyrics, Libretti

“Family History”: This is a short opera for which I wrote the libretto and Patrick Brown composed the music. The Helianthus Contemporary Ensemble performed it in 2011, and you can watch a video of one of the performances here. This was the piece that motivated Greg Bear to commission a full-length work from us.

House of Broken Mirrors: This is a science fiction musical which Greg Bear commissioned before his passing. I have written the book and lyrics, but I’m seeking someone to help with the music. I’ve also been having ideas lately for a sequel.

Miscellaneous Work

I’ve collected some of my work, including a couple of otherwise unpublished pieces, in a book called Eclecticon, Volume 913 1/3. Everything except the intro, however, comes from something else I’ve either published or would like to publish.

I’ve also written several creative “nonfiction” pieces that are an attempt to write about my own experiences without reference to actual events. If I ever publish these fictional memoirs, they would probably fit into two collections entitled Tales of a Blurry Childhood and Tales of a Hazy Adulthood.

I’ve written and outlined a number of essays. At some point, I’d like to develop these into two or three volumes, probably grouped by topic (leadership, spirituality, and arts analysis).

I’ve set up several YouTube channels over the last few years. One was dedicated to arts analysis from a progressive point of view (called Conscious Mosaic); one presented my commentary on leadership and ethical politics (entitled Sideways Leadership); and one offered monthly challenges (named simply Challenger). Although I am not working on these anymore, most of the videos are still up, and I would like to continue this work someday, in some form.


If you’d like to support me, the best way right now is to join one of my three Patreon pages.

bookstar – my main author page
cockstar – my gay erotica page
coping club – my mental health support page

If you don’t have money for support, it’s also greatly appreciated if you share my content with others who might enjoy it.